Tungsten Balance Weight

Tungsten Balance Weight - We are a factory specializing in producing high-quality tungsten balance weights for various industrial applications.
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Tungsten Balance Weight
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Product Description

Tungsten Balance Weight

What is Tungsten balance weight?
Tungsten balance weights are made with a high tungsten content and low amounts of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu. Some tungsten alloy is added Co, Mo or Cr etc. The density of tungsten heavy alloy could be as high as 16.8~18.8g/cc.Tungsten heavy metal weight is great in aspects of low toxicity, durability, density and dimensional stability than lead. Therefore, Tungsten alloy parts can be used as counterweight in machines and vessels as well as aircraft, ships, yachts, space shuttles and anywhere need much heavy but little space, the tungsten heavy alloy crankshaft is widely used in high-performance engines (automobile, racing car, motor, fan, diesel, truck, yacht, jet, fan etc.)

Tungsten balance weight has been widely used in aerospace industry as counterbalance weight for ailerons, rudders, and elevator parts for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. And they are also found with good advantages in aircraft planes including aircraft control faces, rotor blades, trim weights, guidance platforms, balancing of fly wheels and turbines, vibration dampening governors and ballast weights.

1.High density
2.High wear-resistant
3.High thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficient
4.High vibration-damping capacity and high Young's modulus
5.High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance
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Regular Specs
Class Nominal W Density Max. hardness Tensile strength Elongation
weight% g/cc Rockwell 'C' MPa %
Class1 90 16.85-17.25 32 700-1200(600-800) 20-33(4-8)
Class2 92.5 17.15-17.85 33 700-1400(500-600) 15-25(3-5)
Class3 95 17.75-18.35 34 700-1200 8-15
Class4 97 18.25-18.85 35 600-1000 8-14
Note: The data in brackets apply to non-magnetic nickel-iron tungsten heavy alloy.

We can supply tungsten needle as per customers' requests.
If there are any other specs, please contact us with no hesitate!
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Where Is Your Factory Located?
There is a saying that "Tungsten town, looking for Luoyang". Our factory is located in Luoyang, a Midwestern city in China. A strategic position with the world's largest reserve of molybdenum and the second-highest source of tungsten globally.

Why Is Your Product So Cost-Effective?
We cut out the middlemen in the end-to-end manufacturing process. Rather than obtaining semi-finished goods from other suppliers, we obtain our raw material of APT powder directly from its source.
Do You Do Spot Quality Checks Or Full Checks?
100% full inspection. Inspectors will check the finished product one by one, to ensure they adhere to all parameters.All unqualified products are discarded.

How Do You Ensure Your Lead Time?
We have an efficient Order Management System, from material preparation to machining, and finally to a full inspection. Every stage of production is strictly monitored and controlled to give you an accurate delivery time.

Company Profile

We are Luoyang Bless Tungsten Molybdenum material CO.,Ltd in China. We are the main manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum materials,our product have been exported for many years.Located in Luoyang, Henan province, which is the number one reserve of tungsten minerals in China, we have a unique advantage in sourcing the highest quality materials.

Over the past 20 years, BLESS focused on Molybdenum and Tungsten powder process, which refining Ammonium Molybdate powder, Ammonium Tungstate powder to Molybdenum and Tungsten powder. Since 2002s, we are engaged in the production of Tungsten and Molybdenum products, such as rod, sheet , wire, crucible, target shaped products also deep process according to customized products. Our products exported to Germany, Japan, USA, Brazil, India ect and always get good feedback from them. Wide production scale and difficult process customized products are what our advantages.

One of our main strengths is our strict quality control process. We utilize SEMS technology to inspect the interior structure of every batch of raw rods. If any rods are found to have cracks or defects, they are immediately rejected. Additionally, we have our own R&D laboratory dedicated to tungsten, ensuring continuous improvement in our products.

Furthermore, we have a fully automated production line. Every step is efficiently processed by machines. This guarantees a uniform quality standard and enables us to meet our customers' lead time requirements.


As a global supplier, we strive to provide the best tungsten and molybdenum materials to our customers. With our advantageous location, strict quality control, and automated production line, we are confident in our ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.Whether you are in need of tungsten and molybdenum products for industrial applications or research purposes, we are here to provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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